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PostSubject: Coronavirus   Coronavirus Icon_minitimeWed Apr 01, 2020 7:29 pm

To dispel some of the myths around Coronavirus:

Most  members of the TrueRife Research Network did not start paying attention  to COVID-19 until March.  There was a tremendous amount of information regarding this pathogen being published to the worlds health databases  since the start of this year.

The published information including its  taxonomic clade and Viral Drift within both the Zoonotic Host Range and  the Human Host Range.  The zoonotic strain of the virus had already been cataloged more than fifteen years ago.  So, unlike Spanish Flu, the world was already familiar with this virus when it became widely known that it was going to be of concern.

Frequency Protocol Services and TrueRife had already been discussing the virus by  the end of January. They used a Proprietary Heuristic Predictive  Algorithm to calculate potential frequencies for the pathogen. So, while the virus was a “new” Crossover Zoonotic Virus, that doesn’t mean  that they were completely unprepared to respond to the situation as it was unfolding.  They are always vigilant and proactive!
The  Rife Community had frequencies for SARS within a month of its  appearance.  They identified frequencies for Swine Flu within two weeks of its emergence; and, likewise with Bird Flu.  

MERS was already dead in  the water by the time they could get frequencies identified for it; even  though they were just as quick to assess it.  And, in the background,  several leaders in the Rife Community had already established a response  plan for Ebola, when it again became a menace in 2014.

They  stand at the ready.  That’s why they were able to identify frequencies for it so quickly.  That includes monitoring this situation as it continues to evolve.

There  has been a lot of discussion about the virus mutating.  There is no evidence that the original virus has changed into a different virus.  It  mutates every time it moves from one person to another, picking up fragments of the new person, so that it can infect them. That’s what they  mean when they talk about Viral Drift within a Host Range.  However, the virus remains substantially the same virus.

That’s why the tests continue to work, and why they believe that antibodies and vaccines from the original virus will still work.

For  more information regarding the question “Where do we get our  frequencies?”, please see the video in Rodney’s Rife Theory page.
Rife Theory 

If you receive TrueRife’s Newsletters and Announcements, you will also  find a link to the live presentation of that material from the 2013 conference, available on YouTube.
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